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Round 2 – Payment Plan
There are many factors affecting small and medium sized enterprises in today’s economy. If you search hard enough, you could probably find a couple of businesses out there working structured hours and generating consistently high sales but for the most part, business fluctuates. Some months are simply going to be busier than others.

If you qualify for a traditional loan, you are then met with the task of making traditional payments. Each month you owe a specific dollar amount. Let’s say you, as a business owner, are doing everything possible to grow your investment and for the first year you’re hard work pays off. In the second year, the city is repairing the sewers directly in front of your establishment, causing sales to cut in half. You’re working harder than ever and nothing else about your business plan has changed other than this external factor. How do you maintain your payments when you simply aren’t generating enough revenue? Sure, it’s short term and more than likely the work will end and business will return to normal but in the mean time you run the risk of either having to turn to friends and family for help (which isn’t usually an ideal situation) or ruining that credit rating you’ve worked so hard to maintain. The reality is anything can happen.

Company Capital Inc payments fluctuate with your business’ sales. By basing your payment on a percentage of your gross sales rather than a fixed dollar amount when sales are down you repay a smaller amount, as sales increase your advance pays off sooner. No nail biting, no hair pulling and no sleepless nights wondering how you’re going to make your payments on-time. With Company Capital Inc, you can take as long or as little time as your business needs to pay back your advance.

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