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“Rentex taught me customer service, or rather taught me more how stupid a lack of customer service is. As business owners, we all know how valuable our customers are. In any company, excellent customer service can be the “Golden Thread” that runs through everything you do.

I started my first company when I came to Canada at age 19 and until then, I really had no meaningful job experience. No one had taught me the all important “Golden Thread” lesson. I didn’t know anything about running or managing a business. My customers taught me customer service. When we screwed up, they told me and now looking back I’m sure glad they did.

Rentex provided detailed rental information for a fee. The rental market in Edmonton was tight and when we didn’t deliver what we promised, our Canadian customers let us know and sometimes loudly. More than once we found ourselves not only defending our business but also defending ourselves. We developed a thick skin quickly and really, as a business owner, you need to. Your customers will let you know when they aren’t satisfied. Learning to listen, not taking it personally and improving your service as a result can be the smartest step you take in growing your business.

We all know the customer counts most and in my case putting them first paid off big time. At Money Mart, we treated people with respect, thanked them for coming in and always invited them to return. Even when it wasn’t that busy we would almost run to the counter. We always had a pace in our step that communicated “I know your time is important”.

My point is, there is more to growing a business than simply “having the capital” to do so. I’ve seen businesses have the money but waste it by delivering a crummy service not in tune with their customer’s needs or even basic customer service principles period. As an entrepreneur you have to balance the service investments with say marketing and or cost considerations. After all, as the potential “Golden Thread” that runs through your company, isn’t customer service worth investing in?”

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