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Company Capital Inc is a new name in the world of financing however there is nothing new about the experience behind this company.

Steve Clark, President & CEO of Company Capital Inc, has both a long line of business start-ups and successful enterprises dating back to 1971. In 1982 he saw a need for convenience and service in the financial services industry and with that Money Mart was born. With over 350 locations country-wide, Money Mart remains one of the most successful cheque cashing and money service franchise businesses in Canada.

Company Capital Inc, formerly Merchant Fast Cash, offers alternative financing to a wide range of businesses through funding or “advances” simply based on future Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and debit card purchases as well as advances using ATM transaction fees. The goal? To simplify the borrowing process by providing an innovative loan alternative with more of a personal touch. Rather than “lending” money to our clients, we offer to purchase a small percentage of your business’ future sales at a discounted rate. With no fixed time period and no fixed monthly payment, Company Capital Inc offers the flexibility to pay back your advance as your business allows. With funding anywhere from $5,000 to $150,000 you have the freedom to grow your business without the constraints of traditional lending.

There are many questions and posts on various sites regarding the merchant cash advance industry and we hope this blog will serve as a platform to educate and inform those of you either looking for more information or looking to enter the industry. Company Capital Inc is a customer focused financing alternative and we encourage you to ask questions, make comments and give us your feedback.

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