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Although the Merchant Cash Advance Industry has been a prominent fixture in the United States for some time, it’s still relatively new here in Canada. In any industry, a key element to success is understanding every aspect of the business and ensuring your clients and the general public understand it too. If people don’t understand your product, how can you expect them to use it?

While researching what kinds of information is floating around in cyberspace in regards to the merchant cash advance industry, I came across something interesting. One of our competitors proposed a challenge: In 125 words or less, describe what the term “Merchant Cash Advance” means. This got me thinking. If other companies within this industry are challenging people to come up with an explanation, I’m going to guess the company is having a hard time coming up with one themselves. Not that I blame them, the real challenge here is limiting it to 125 words. Who doesn’t like a good challenge? Here goes …

Company Capital Inc offers alternative funding to a wide range of small and medium sized businesses through financing or “advances” based on future Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Debit card sales. You receive your advance quickly, with no hassles and through an automated process Company Capital Inc deducts or “draws” a small percentage from your daily sales towards your payment. We all know business fluctuates and while traditional financing is controlled by strict monthly payments, our financing provides business owners the freedom to pay advances as their business allows. If it’s a slow month, your payment reflects that. As sales increase, the advance pays off sooner. At Company Capital Inc we ensure business owners know exactly where they stand right from the get-go.

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