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The harder I work, the luckier I get.

We’ve all heard the expression “you make your own luck,” but in a new book for Harvard Business Review Press, authors Anthony Tjan, Richard Harrington and Tsun-yan Hsieh take this idea to the next level.

After hundreds of interviews, collaborations and interactions with entrepreneurs, they found that successful business owners tend to be luckier because they have the right attitude; one based in humility, intellectual curiosity and optimism.

“They are the people who say to themselves: I am humble enough to say I don’t know how to make better/perfect happen on my own; I am curious and courageous enough to ask questions that might help make something closer to perfect; and finally I embrace the “glass half-full” optimism that the end result can always be improved, so let me act towards that objective,” Mr. Tjan says.

Social media: Who gives a tweet?!

Twitter? Facebook? LinkedIn? Forget it. When it comes to marketing, word-of-mouth still rules for U.S. small-business owners, at least according to a recent survey conducted by Hiscox Insurance Company Inc.

Nearly half of the 304 respondents surveyed said they don’t use social media and only 4 per cent said they couldn’t do without it as a marketing tool, compared with 50 per cent who said the same about word-of-mouth recommendations.

Of those using social media for business purposes, 28 per cent have a company Facebook page, 18 per cent have a company LinkedIn page or group, and 8 per cent have a company blog. Only 6 per cent have a YouTube or video-streaming channel and 2 per cent have a company Twitter feed.

Katherine Scarrow
Globe and Mail Update
Posted on Monday, July 18, 2011 10:54AM EDT

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