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One of the first questions I hear when talking to clients for the first time is “How is Company Capital different”? Well, I guess the answer depends on whether you’re comparing us to traditional banks or other merchant providers.

When comparing traditional bank loans and merchant advances, there are many differentiating factors. With a traditional bank loan you receive “x” amount of dollars and make “x” amount in payments each month. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it those are your payments, regardless of your sales. A merchant advance has no fixed payment and no fixed term. You receive “x” amount of dollars and your payments fluctuate directly with the sales of your business. If it’s a slow month, you payment reflects that. As sales increase, your advance pays off sooner. We make it flexible and easy for business owners.

When comparing Company Capital to other merchant providers, the difference is in our service. Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t require our clients to change bank accounts. You carry on conducting business the same way you always have. Our system automatically reads your daily deposits and deducts or “draws” payment based on that fluctuating amount. It’s simple, effective and allows business owners to focus on growing their investment rather than worrying about strict monthly payments. With Account Managers in many major cities across Canada our business is friendly, local and most importantly – Canadian owned and operated.

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