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Small Business BC is a great online resource for small to medium sized business owners looking for inspiration, tips, seminars and networking events throughout British Columbia.

I found an interesting article regarding growing your business. The article primarily focuses on financing options available to small business owners and the importance of not only finding the solution that works best for you and your business but also knowing what different forms of financing there are out there.

This article was published in 2010 which was still the early days of merchant advances in Canada and likely the reason we weren’t on that list. With every day that passes the industry grows and more and more clients are taking advantage of this small business loan alternative. With flexible payments and high approval rates, Company Capital gives businesses the growth capital they need to succeed.

There are many financing options available, some more accessible than others. Whether you choose a bank loan, factoring or merchant advance do some research and find out which option work best for your needs.
To read more tips for your small business or to read the full article click here.

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