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In a previous post, we discussed office culture and the impact it can have on the success of, not only large corporations, but also small business. In today’s day and age employees, especially the young ones, are taking a lesson from Google and putting value on more than just their paychecks. Today, people expect more out of their jobs and why shouldn’t they? It’s where we spend at least 8 hours of our day. Wouldn’t those 8 hours go by faster is we could somehow incorporate, dare I say it, fun into our working environment?

In this article by Mark Evans for the Globe and Mail they explain how “Yes, a fun work place pays off” and the steps small business owners can take to implement fun and in turn get the most out of their employees. Even something as simple as creating a space where your employees can get together to have lunch or take coffee breaks can boost office morale more than you think.

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