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Happy Monday! It’s a beautiful day here is Victoria, B.C!

More and more I am noticing that the average age of small business owners in Canada is getting younger. Among the young entrepreneurs I’ve spoken to is a common thought, “I didn’t want to work for someone else”.

There was an interesting article published by Diane Peters in the Globe and Mail today entitled “Young Entrepreneurs caged by age”. The article outlines the struggles many small business owners face as a direct result of their age. They are being met with opposition from potential clients who don’t take them seriously, employees who, in some cases, are decades older than them and financial institutions who “balk at their lean ages and lack of credit history”. Jason Parks, founder and CEO of Profab, a welding company based out of Alberta says “I didn’t have any credit rating and I didn’t have enough experience or years under my belt, they told me.” Sound familiar?

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