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Sept 16, 2011 – Victoria BC – Company Capital Inc has developed an innovative loan alternative designed specifically for small businesses that, in the current economic climate, have found it increasingly difficult to access credit from the banks. Referred to as a “merchant cash advance” Company Capital provides a cash advance based on future credit and debit card sales. Advances are also available based on the surcharge revenues generated from on-site ATM’s.

Unlike a more traditional bank loan, there are no requirements to provide business plans or financial statements thereby making the process simple and very quick. “Many business owners have discovered the frustration of applying for growth capital through their own bank but are turned down because they’ve been in business for less than two years” says Steve Clark CEO of Company Capital.

To qualify, the business owner needs to provide a record of past credit/debit card sales and has been in business for at least 12 months.

A merchant cash advance from Company Capital provides flexible rates and repayment options based on sales volume, type of business, and client needs. The average advance is typically equal to 1-2 months of sales and is paid back in about 6 months. Repayment is made on a daily basis using a small percentage of credit/debit card sales so, unlike a loan, there is no fixed monthly payment. “The repayment process is one of the key advantages of the advance – the daily amounts are small but perhaps more important, payments are variable and fluctuate with the sales trends of the business” added Clark.

Another feature that differentiates Company Capital from the competition is the personalized service, according to Bruce Marshall, Vice President of Marketing. “Most of our competitors don’t have local representation in the markets they serve – they rely solely on the internet or telephone to do business with their clients. Or, if they do have a representative in the market, it’s typically an agent or broker that is really only concerned with his or her commission” added Marshall. Company Capital has Account Managers in Alberta and BC that visit the clients business and work with the owner to develop a flexible program to meet their financing needs.

Complete details of the merchant cash advance products from Company Capital are on the website at

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