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Company Capital Inc has developed an innovative loan alternative designed specifically for small businesses that, in the current economic climate, have found it increasingly difficult to access credit from the banks. Referred to as a “merchant cash advance” Company Capital provides a cash advance based on future credit and debit sales and/or revenue generated through on-site automated teller machines (ATM’s). Unlike a bank loan there is no requirement to provide business plans, financial statements or collateral. The only requirement is the business has been operating for at least 12 months and can provide a record of sales history.

Using core business philosophies unlike traditional financial institutions, Company Capital brings a more personalized and flexible approach to financial services. Rates and repayment options are flexible and are based on sales volume, type of business, and client needs. “We make it a priority for everyone in the company to clearly understand the individual customer’s needs and develop the right program for each client based on his or her unique requirements” says Steve Clark, owner and CEO of Company Capital Inc.

The average advance is typically equal to 1-2 months of sales and is paid back in about 6 months. Using a pre-authorized debit or PAD agreement, the advance is paid back using a small percentage of your daily sales so, unlike a loan, there is no fixed monthly amount.

Clark added “our clients find the repayment process is one of the key advantages of the product – the daily amounts are small but perhaps more important, payments fluctuate with the daily sales trends of the business”.

In addition to getting cash based on future sales, Company Capital has also developed an advance product specifically for the ATM market. Instead of earning surcharge revenues on a daily basis Company Capital will advance an amount equal to 12 months of your surcharge revenues.

“If you’re doing 1,000 ATM transactions a month at a $2 surcharge you’re earning about $65 a day” says Bruce Marshall VP Marketing with Company Capital (previously VP at Cashline ATM). Marshall added “while ATM’s provide a nice source of ancillary revenue, $65 a day doesn’t go too far. With an ATM advance, Company Capital will provide your entire annual surcharge revenue – in this example about $24,000. Repayment of the advance is easy – all you do is instruct your ATM service provider to change settlement accounts”.

Complete details of the merchant cash advance are on the website at

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