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There was a great article in the Globe and Mail today which focuses on how to gain customer loyalty. In a previous post, we discussed just how valuable a lifetime customer is as opposed to a one-time customer. This article, by Keith Norbury, examines innovative approaches to traditional ‘Customer Rewards Programs’. Whether you’re a coffee shop giving away every 10th cup for free or in the case of Fort Street Cycle, located right here in Victoria, offering clients who purchase a bike through you 3 free tune-up with purchase, everyone seems to be searching for the perfect way to say “we appreciate your business and we hope to see you again”.
The trouble small business owners like Fort Street’s Doug Grams are facing when it comes to customer-loyalty programs is measuring the actual value of what you’re offering.

“As rewards or customer-loyalty programs go, Fort Street’s is pretty low-tech. The cards are printed on standard business-card stock. There’s no magnetic stripe, or chip for scanning data about a customer’s purchases.”

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