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Are you a Canadian small or medium sized business owner? How many employees do you currently have? Are you running the show solo? Do you find yourself working 18 hour days? Are you unable to take on new business as a result of simply not enough hours in a day?

It’s a common story. You start up your own business and before you know it you’re busy, really busy. Soon, 8 hour days turn into 12 and 12 turn to 18. It’s hard work yes but this is your dream so putting in the hours necessary seems reasonable. Soon, the word spreads and you find yourself not being able to keep up with the demand and having to turn work down as a result of there only being 24 hours in the day, 18 of which are accounted for. There are a couple options from here. You could stop sleeping all-together which may work in the extreme short term but if you intend to keep quality control (and your sanity) it’s not a long-term solution. So, you decide to hire someone in order to lighten your load but find they either don’t take the work as seriously as you do or don’t have the same standards. I guess it makes sense, this is your idea and your dream but for them it’s just a job. So how do you find the balance? Is it a matter of endlessly searching for that perfect employee who will care about the business as much as you do? Or, should you lower your standards in order to take on more clients?

In this article by Bryan Borzykowski for the Globe and Mail they discuss how to grow your business from just you… successfully.

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