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I read a great article today by Ann Handley for the the Globe and Mail which focuses on landing pages. 2 years ago, the term “landing page” would have generated several blank stares during a conversation. Today, it’s becoming as important to any online presence as having a website at all.

When creating a landing page for your small or medium sized business, consider the 3 basic questions your audience needs an answer to:

1. Where they are.
2. What you offer.
3. How to proceed.

“Website landing pages often look and feel like an arcade floor. Rather than enticing and directing someone who comes to your site, they confound them”. Their escape? “bolting for the exit by way of the back button.”

The consistent thought amongst social media marketers is to keep is simple. “It’s tempting to go overboard – to arcade-ify your landing page by adding all manner of bells and whistles. Instead, go for simple and clean with stupid-obvious navigation.”

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