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One of the first questions we like to ask our clients upon meeting them is “Have you talked to the bank?” We always encourage potential clients to find out all the facts before beginning the process of acquiring a loan. While this may seem like a great way to drive business into the welcoming arms of our competition, it surprisingly isn’t. For the most part, traditional lending institutions like banks aren’t our primary competition. We provide a different product and a very different service.

It’s no secret, when shopping around for the best rates available on commercial loans, a bank is the ideal. But what happens if the bank says “No”? In the current economic climate it’s a term small and medium sized business owners are all too familiar with. No matter what the outcome is, going through the process of applying for financing at traditional lending institutions is important if for no other reason than to fully understand the difference between their service and ours.

Company Capital offers an alternative to the traditional bank loan. Our financing provides business owners a similar product but without the hoops and hurtles. Payments fluctuate directly with your sales, we base the advance on sales history as opposed to credit history, require minimal paperwork (especially by comparison) and you could receive your advance within 2 days of applying.

Don’t believe us? Call Today and let us prove it to you!

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