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No matter what industry your small or medium sized business is in, customer feedback is a necessary part of the process. Surveying your customer is one of the most efficient ways to improve business. It seems so simple .. Need an answer? All you have to do is ask! Oh, if only it were that simple! Putting together a customer survey people want to take as well as one which produces accurate information is a fine balance.

Mark Healy from the Globe and Mail writes “Customer surveys can be powerful tools when used in the right context, and when designed rigorously from the outset. They offer businesses a window into their customers’ minds, creating opportunities for improved products and services, and uncovering new business opportunities.

Likewise, when applied in inappropriate situations or put together poorly, surveys can be weak data collectors and potentially misleading.”

Healy address the 3 main issues customer survey face for gathering meaningful data;
1. Self-reporting of reasons for past behaviour
2. Predicting future behaviour
3. Determining why and how customers do what they do

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