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This morning, while posting a job opening at Company Capital, I did a quick search to see what other jobs were being advertised. Would you believe that 8/10 of them are for some form of “Social Media Expert”? This social media conversation doesn’t just end with hiring some generation “Y” to set you up on Facebook and Twitter. For the year 2012, when you think about marketing, a large part of that thought is directed towards the web and social media. It’s cheap, effective and everyone’s doing it. Wait, let’s say that last part again … everyone’s doing it. The more I think about it, the more I’m coming around to my boss, Steve Clark, President and CEO of Company Capital Inc’s way of thinking (I can already hear the words “I told you so” coming…). He has never discounted the value of social media as a marketing tool, however has stressed from day 1, the importance of “not putting all your eggs in an over crowded basket” and I think he might be right.

There has been so much emphasis on social media being the way of the future that businesses have been implementing campaigns left, right, centre and reaping the rewards. But that was still the early days, when it was brand new and cutting edge. The goal in marketing is to reach your customer and previously social media was getting their attention because there weren’t many people doing it. It’s easy to score a goal when there are only a few players in the game! It was so successful companies began ignoring other forms of marketing. But I wonder if it will come at a cost in the future? Are we all focusing too hard on social media as a means of advertising that the rest of the puzzle being ignored? Ultimately, these questions beg the bigger question of: In an overcrowded marketplace is social media the way of the future or has it already seen its 15 minutes of fame?

Tell us what you think! How has social media helped your business? Do you believe it’s only going to continue to grow and gain momentum?

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