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Part 2/2 – Steve Clark, President and CEO
Certainly there are plenty of marketing books out there and Dustin needs to pick up one or two just to get some basics while he still has some marketing dollars left to spend. I told him there is a big difference in marketing to B to B (business to business) and retail. “Look for B to B marketing books or go online. There are some great educational blogs and web sites for small business”.

You have to educate yourself.

We ended the conversation leaving Dustin with more questions than answers but I did try to focus him on one thought as he looks for marketing answers… “Follow the Money”.

Think where your money comes from and work back to who made the decision to hire you or your company. His eyes lit up while he talked about job sites needing to fill the required “trades”, forman asking for referrals, meeting and knowing the right local industry people, handing out business cards and more. Bingo! No radio, no Yellow Page display adds. Just going to where the money is and telling them why you are qualified to do the work.
I would possibly print an information piece (short and simple) that talked about experience, skills, commitment and a desire to work for local contractors. Then go directly to the existing job sites and introduce your business to the foreman or general contractor.

There are probably less than 100 residential general contractors in his market place so building a data base with contact information would be simple. Farm that data base with emails, direct mail and warm (ask for the contractor by name) phone calls.

Dustin was the best sales person for selling his small business. He could organize his work week to stop in and introduce himself and the availability of his crew to all the neighboring job sites enroute to work, lunch breaks and on his way home. When they were short or in need they might have saved his card (or information) and thought there is a guy we can use.

This is pretty simple stuff and so it should be. Keep it simple and know there is no magic to plain honest selling.

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