skip to Main Content Press Release – Feb 21, 2012 – Victoria BC – BC based Company Capital introduced an innovative loan alternative designed specifically for small businesses that find it difficult to access financing for inventory or leasing new equipment.

Referred to as a merchant cash advance, Company Capital provides funding based on future credit and debit card sales. Unlike a traditional bank loan, there are no requirements to provide business plans or financial statements thereby making the process simple and very quick. To qualify, the business owner simply needs to provide a record of past credit/debit card sales and has been in business for at least 12 months.

“For a small business, most commercial lenders treat loans and leases as if they were personal loans to the owner -so, regardless of your business growth and overall profitability, the owner is typically “scored” on his or her personal credit history – if it’s not perfect you’re out of luck ” said Bruce Marshall, VP at Company Capital. Marshall added “our financing is based on the sales history of the business, not the credit history of the owner.”

A merchant cash advance from Company Capital provides flexible rates and repayment options based on sales volume, length of time in business and client needs. The average advance is typically equal to 1-2 months of sales and is paid back in about 6 months. Repayment is made on a daily basis using a small percentage of credit/debit card sales so, unlike a loan, there is no fixed monthly payment. The repayment process is one of the key advantages of the service – the daily amounts are small but perhaps more important, payments fluctuate with the sales trends of the business, giving the owner greater flexibility to manage cash flow, particularly during a slow season.

“For a small clothing retailer, it’s sometimes difficult to come up with the capital necessary to buy Spring and Fall inventory – particularly in the slow periods” said Steve Clark CEO of Company Capital. The service is a good fit for seasonal retailers because funding is based on the expected future sales of peak periods.

With high approval rates, a simple process, and quick turnaround, a merchant advance from Company Capital provides another alternative for the small business owner when seeking working capital or lease financing to grow his or her business.

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