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The pay as you go small business loan alternative

Victoria BC – BC based Company Capital recently introduced another innovative use for their merchant cash advance service – paying for inventory on a “pay as you go” basis.

“So far this Spring, a lot of clients have been using our small business financing to purchase inventory” said Bruce Marshall, VP at Company Capital. Marshall added “because clients repay daily based on sales volume it’s “pay as you go” financing – you only repay as goods are sold.”

Company Capital provides Canadian small businesses with working capital in exchange for a small share of future credit/debit card sales. The funds are repaid daily based on a small percentage of sales and therefore fluctuate with the sales trends of the business giving the business owner greater flexibility to manage cash flow, particularly during a slow season.

The merchant cash advance industry is gaining widespread popularity among the small business sector as an alternative to traditional commercial lending – particularly as a method of inventory financing. Unlike a bank loan, there are no requirements to provide business plans or financial statements thereby making the process simple and very quick. In addition, most lenders require security in the form an asset – and they don’t consider inventory an asset.

The most innovative feature of a merchant advance is the approval process. Financing is based on the sales history of the business rather than the personal credit history of the business owner. To qualify, the business owner simply needs to provide a record of past credit/debit card sales, has been in business for at least 12 months, and has at least 1 year left on the lease.

With high approval rates, a simple process, and quick turnaround, a merchant advance from Company Capital provides another alternative for the small business owner when seeking working capital to grow his or her business.

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