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Apple’s latest show and tell offered some surprising goodies, including news that the company would venture into map-making, enhance Siri’s functionality and soup up the MacBook Pro.

But it was the announcement of greater Facebook integration into their iOS software that may have the biggest implications for small business owners. Users will be able to update their status by talking to their phones, and ‘like’ movies and apps in Apple’s iTunes store, Apple executive Scott Forstall said.

The tweak may be an opportunity for companies to tap into a new segment of Mac-loving fans and to build on their already existing and loyal customers. The following tips from AMEX Open Forum may help your company take advantage of Apple and Facebook’s cozy new relationship:

Make people want to click the ‘Like’ button by talking directly to the customers, providing relevant content and not just selling stuff;

Quality over quantity and time your content accordingly

Promote your page but don’t overdo it.

Use Facebook’s algorithm EdgeRank to see how often the target demographic visits a page, which times are better for posting, etc.

Authenticity rules.

Compel consumers to buy. Don’t sell.

For the complete list, click here. Mashable also offers its own list of useful tips on marketing on Facebook.

Katherine Scarrow – Globe and Mail – June 12, 2012

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