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Round 1 – Application Process
For small to medium sized business owners out there, you’ve experienced the hoops and hurdles of a traditional loan first hand. Starting a business is expensive – you need money, to make money. What a concept! You’ve been to the bank and while they are polite in their rejection, using the terms “unsuitable” or “unable to extend further credit at this time” they always follow it up with a “let us know if your financial situation changes and thank you for your ongoing business”. No matter how you say it, it’s still a “NO”. Where do you go from here? Regardless of whether or not the bank deems you to be a suitable candidate for a loan, your need for working capital doesn’t change. A merchant cash advance is an alternative financial solution for many small to medium sized business. All you need is a merchant services terminal or an ATM machine.

Company Capital focuses on the customer, approving almost 90% of all applications processed. We make the process fast, simple and say “YES” when the banks say “NO”. A Company Capital advance isn’t a loan, it’s an alternative. By purchasing a percentage of your businesses future sales, we put our faith in your future success. Traditional loans require collateral, near perfect credit, lengthy business plans and in today’s economy, have exceptionally low approval rates. Company Capital financing provides business owners the money they need fast, not to mention without the hoops.

Easier, faster, customer focused, high approval rates, no hoops or hurtles and the financing you need to grow your business? Seems like an easy choice.

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