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Let’s say you’re a restaurant owner operating in Canada. Business is steady. Sure, you’re seeing some signs of the recession but you’re paying your bills and still making enough to pay yourself in the process. You come in one morning to find that your trusty 10 year old freezer has finally broken and been leaking all night, forming a small lake smack dab in the centre of your restaurant. Not only are you going to need to buy a new one but when you pull out the existing freezer to shut it off, you realize how bad it really is. As it turns out, your trusty freezer has been slowly and steadily leaking for months, creating significant water damage to the floor and walls around it. It isn’t something you can just leave, cross your fingers and hope it somehow gets better. It’s going to be expensive and you’re going to have to find the extra money to pay for it. What do you do?

A merchant cash advance is ideal for situations just like this one. Emergencies happen and unfortunately, when you own your own business you’re the one who has to come up with the financing to deal with them… which can be expensive. A merchant cash advance is a small business loan alternative that makes it possible to get your money early by purchasing a small percentage of your future sales. You get the cash flow you need quickly and with no hassles. Whether you use the money for emergencies, to cover slow times, renovate, expand or even take that vacation you’re going to need after dealing with this!

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