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I was in an interview the other day (we’re hiring a Client Relationship Manager) and the interviewee had done her research and asked why we hadn’t written anything in our blog since mid-November.  I was embarrassed that it had been that long but I wasn’t surprised. We had fallen in to the same trap as most people who try to post a regular blog – we got really busy.

So far this past Fall and early Winter we have set a record for the number of inquiries to our site (and phone calls) for small business financing.  While that’s great for our business, the reason I’m writing about this is because it’s a good indicator for the small business community in general. We’re hearing some positive comments from business owners across Canada – after putting off borrowing for improvements for a couple years they’re saying the time is now.

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and usually the first to see improvement. You always hear the news from the Bank or the Government or some economist that the economy is trending up or trending down. Ask any small business owner about those “news” reports and they’ll say they felt it six months ago.

Things are looking good for small business in 2013. Get a jump on the competition and make those improvements you’ve been putting off for the past couple years.

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