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Management and staff posed for a group photo on Halloween – pictured above from left to right are:

Aiken Cox-Nipper – Director of Compliance

Pudja Peebody – Unsociable Media Director

Freija – intern

Austin Clark – CEO

Coco Lee – IT Manager

Angus McLedger – CFO

Ava Bruin – HR Director

Not in the group picture is Vince Sicario – Director of Collections. He is pictured below in pink.

“We are a fun group and like to have fun together” howled Austin Clark CEO of Company Capital. “We all look pretty stupid but we’re having fun”

Most of the employees agreed with the CEO with the exception of Pudja who growled “Halloween is the worst day of the year. I’m booking off sick next year – this is bogus man”

Pudja was similarly displeased with some of the decision making at Company Capital – read the previous post about the Management shakeup here.

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