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Another great article featuring Company Capital and some of our happy clients. Vancouver Sun reporter Jenny Lee wrote the article that profiled Sara Mosherchak the owner of Eyeland Framemakers in Vancouver and Talia Erickson the owner of Buddings Daycare, also in Vancouver.

We sometimes find that existing clients can describe the benefits of a Company Capital loan better than our own employees.

Here’s what Sara had to say…”Sometimes I need an inventory top-up and going through the bank is great, but it takes a long time to get all your paperwork together. You need your certified financial statements. What’s great about these guys is they can turn it around in days. Using a loan to prepay suppliers means I can usually negotiate a couple of free eyeglass frames and at least a 10-per-cent discount, sometimes 20-per-cent, on a purchase.To get those discounts, it’s totally worth it,” Moshurchak said.

read the full article here

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