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Company Capital has partnered with Flinks, the only financial data aggregator dedicated solely to Canadian banks. Through our website, Flinks connects to your business bank account and sends us your bank statements in a PDF – in about 30 seconds. We never see or store your password.

Flinks has passed all the security tests by the Canadian Banking system and have been approved by 12 Canadian banks, covering about 90% of the small businesses in Canada.

We now have 3 easy ways to apply for your small business loan – online, email and phone – all of which take less than 48 hours to get approved.

Click here to check out the online application

Click here to read about Flinks

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  1. Thanks for sharing this article. I need a money and I think that Company Capital will surely help me get more cash. This is a very helpful site. I’ll definitely check out online application that you shared here.

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