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This Alpaca Farm Offers A Cozy And Socially Responsible Alternative To Mass-produced Synthetic Clothing And Household Products


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Corinne Côté and Kathy Enright raise alpacas at their Alpaca Tracks T(h)read Lightly farm near Oxford Station, Ontario.   Corinne is a qualified sorter and classer of alpaca fibre so once she has batched the yearly harvest, Kathy & Corinne decide what the best end uses are for each of the grades and lengths of wool. This helps to ensure the best quality end products.

Alpaca fleece is well known for its cashmere-like softness. Its natural warmth and strength make it the ideal natural fleece for limitless high fashion and durable garments. Alpaca socks offer unparalleled warmth and virtually no itch factor due to the fleece’s softness. Alpaca fibre has a reputation as being a hypo-allergenic fibre. This makes it a great alternative-fill for pillows and duvets.

From high fashion to practical outdoor gear, alpaca products are making their mark. Our focus is to provide high quality extremely warm Canadian and Peruvian made alpaca products suited to our Canadian climate. We selected our business name, Alpaca Tracks T(h)read Lightly as we are aiming to produce a high-quality product in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. We are utilizing home grown alpaca fibre as well as incorporating traditional local skills and knowledge in the production of our product. We also import fair-trade items from Peru with the intent of keeping the wealth of traditional Peruvian artisan knowledge and practices alive while artisans are being fairly compensated.  Our goal is to move people away from “fast fashion”, a mass produced highly disposable product to a more sustainable product.

In 2017, they developed a new product. They take gently used scarves and add alpaca, giving these scarves added warmth and a new life. This is upcycling at its best.

Kathy & Corinne’s love of the fibre arts has taken them down many different roads. Much of their inspiration comes from their trips to Peru with visits to various small villages to observe and learn some of the traditional skills of local Peruvian artisans.

Through the enjoyment of working with their animals and exercising their creativity in coming up with a myriad of new ideas and different products, Kathy & Corinne are enjoying taking their wool harvest to finished highly sought-after products.  Kathy and Corinne also enjoy sharing their love of the fibre arts by offering all types of courses at their farm.

Need for capital: Alpaca Tracks T(h)read Lightly sells products the year round but the majority of sales happen between August and February.  After shearing in May, expenses start to incline very quickly and accessible cash for milling costs and importing products from Peru seem to come all at once.  As the demand for our product increases each year, we need to have access to more product. When we were looking into various possibilities to access the capital that we needed and when we needed it, we came across Company Capital.

Why we picked Company Capital:  Convenient, online, timely, and professional service is what appeals to us most.  Offering flexible ways to repay borrowed money working with the ebbs and flows of the business work very well for us as we tend to be somewhat seasonal.

Results:  Having the alpaca products available to meet the demand, has increased our sales of products substantially.



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