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Helpful Resources & Small Business Loans In British Columbia

Advice, support and information for your operation, including small business loans.

Company Capital is focused on helping British Columbian small businesses with financing. We also want to make sure our clients like Namaskar Yoga Studio succeed, prosper and grow. In order to help you maintain success and grow your enterprise, our small business loans team has compiled this helpful list of resources. Whether you’re looking for help with financing and funding, or need information about how to grow your business, these resources can help.

Resources for Running Your Business in BC

BC Government Resources

The BC provincial government offers a variety of resources to support small businesses and entrepreneurship in British Columbia. Provincially-funded Small Business BC is a one-stop shop with information, education, links to forms and documentation, and other resources.


The government also offers a small business resource guide, with links to import/export regulations, market data for specific locations in British Columbia, and resources for managing a business.


Mentorship BC

MentorshipBC is an online resource for small business owners in BC to find and access mentor programs available to them.

Business Plan Templates

Even established business sometimes need to pivot in order to improve performance or take advantage of new opportunities. These business plan templates and guides can help you plan for success:


Marketing Resources

Marketing methods and techniques constantly change. These marketing resources can help your business stay competitive:


HR Resources for Small Businesses

Resources for Small Businesses by Region

Each region of British Columbia offers resources for small businesses.



Vancouver Island




Kootenays (Nelson, Trail, Cranbrook)







BC Small Business Loans and Financing Options

There are a variety of financing options for small businesses in BC, including:



Specialized government-supported financing options include:


Company Capital Small Business Financing

Term Loans in British Columbia

A term loan for a specific amount that has a specified repayment schedule, typically from 6 to 18 months. Learn more about Company Capital’s term loan for small businesses.

Small Business Line of Credit

A line of credit is a set amount of money that your business can borrow as needed, paid back and borrowed again, to give your ongoing access to working capital for day to day operations or unexpected emergencies or opportunities. Company Capital’s Cash Line is similar to a line of credit.

Merchant Cash Advance

A merchant cash advance is a short-term business loan that can be used to pay tax or manage your cash flow. Since Company Capital’s merchant cash advance features fast approval and quick funding, it is attractive to small businesses in British Columbia.


Do you own a small business in British Columbia and have questions, tips, or just want to join in the conversation?

Join our Facebook page to connect with our community, and don’t forget to check out success stories from your fellow small businesses in BC, like Namaskar Yoga Studio.


Of course if you have a small established business in BC and would like to explore how we can help with financing when you most need it, you can easily apply for a small business loan online.

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