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We Are A Canadian Company

Small Business Loans Made Easy


Online loans for Canadian Small Businesses

Why Company Capital

There are three primary driving forces for Company Capital that we believe set us apart from everyone else.


We’re a small business too so we know what it’s like to borrow from traditional lenders. We want to make it easy for small business owners to apply and qualify for small business financing.


Traditional loans can be quite rigid and usually don’t offer terms that meet the unique needs of small businesses. At Company Capital we realize small businesses need more than a “cookie cutter approach” so we strive to offer the most flexible business loans in Canada with options like skipped payments, lower payments, or longer terms.

Customer Service

We believe automated systems are great for ordering office supplies but when it comes to business loans we feel you deserve a real person dedicated to your account. Unlike most of our competitors we actually answer the phone. Check out what our customers are saying.

We are a 100% Canadian, privately held company based in Victoria BC with a long history (20+ years) of providing financial services to the small business community in Canada.

Steve Clark, President and CEO of Company Capital has financed, owned and/or managed more than 10 start-up companies including:

Most of the Company Capital staff have worked closely with Steve over the years – some as long as 25 years through at least three different companies. Check out the background of all the staff .

Company Capital is what is referred to as a direct lender – meaning you are dealing directly with the decision makers and source of the money. This allows us to provide the fastest decisions and the lowest rates on Canadian small business loans in the industry.

3 easy ways to apply

Take less than 2 minutes to complete

We’ll email an application form to you

We can also take your application over the phone

We've got real people standing by to listen and answer your questions.

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