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Merchant Cash Advance Q & A

Question: How much does a merchant cash advance cost? Answer: Different merchant cash advance providers charge different rates so it's always important to not assume there is industry standard pricing. Company Capital looks at a couple of important factors when…

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Merchant Cash Advance: Getting The Word Out

Although the Merchant Cash Advance Industry has been a prominent fixture in the United States for some time, it's still relatively new here in Canada. In any industry, a key element to success is understanding every aspect of the business…

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Small Business Loans Produce Results

Came across an article from a study issued by Industry Canada – a Comprehensive Review Report on the Canada Small Business Financing Act. Had some some interesting facts about small businesses loans and the impact of investing in the business.…

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Weak credit rating? Here’s what to do

Brittany usually posts a funny cartoon on Mondays - this is just as amusing I read an interesting article from a leading Business publication last week. Was written by a "financial expert in Small Business Financing" (banker). Most of the…

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