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Revenue Based Small Business Loan Options

Approval is based on sales history not just credit history

Term Loan

Small Business Loans just like the bank, only faster, easier, and you’ll probably get approved

Just like the banks but a lot easier to qualify and a lot faster. We approve over 90% of the applicants for our small business loans – most of them in 1-2 days.

Small daily or weekly micropayments make it easier on your cash flow – there’s no big lump sum payment at the end of the month. Just a small, fixed amount that is automatically debited from your account every day or once a week.

Benefits of a Term Loan

  • Over 90% approved
  • Simple application process
  • Fast service – get funded in 1-2 days

Easy to qualify:

  • You’ve been open for at least 6 months
  • You have sales of at least $5,000 per month

Cash Line

A flexible small business loan with a “top up” feature that’s like a line of credit

This is a longer term solution with ongoing access to working capital. It’s like a line of credit where you can borrow or “top up” as often as needed and pay down without penalty.

Our Cash Line option is like a line of credit that gives you ongoing access to working capital for day to day operations or unexpected emergencies or opportunities.

Benefits of a Cash Line

  • Immediate access to cash
  • Easy “top up” feature
  • Pay down with no penalty

Easy to qualify:

  • You’ve been open at for at least 6 months
  • $10,000 per month in sales

Merchant Cash Advance

Our most flexible financing solution – we let you choose the rate

This is our most flexible financing where we actually let the client choose the rate. Customers choose the rate (a percentage of daily sales) they feel is manageable for their business. They also choose the number of months they need to repay. Based on this the total, overall cost is determined.

This type of financing is best suited to retailers that have shorter term needs – inventory purchases for example.

Benefits of a Merchant Cash Advance

  • Flexible terms – you choose the rate
  • Pay a small percentage of your sales every day
  • Payments ebb and flow with your sales trends

Easy to qualify:

  • You accept credit and debit cards
  • You’ve been open for at least 6 months
  • You process at least $5,000 per month

3 easy ways to apply

Take less than 2 minutes to complete

We’ll email an application form to you

We can also take your application over the phone

We've got real people standing by to listen and answer your questions.

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