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Get Your Business Loan Fast: Usually in 1-2 Days

Apply for a business loan online or request an application form. Once we’ve received all the required documents, our approval process is fast and we can usually send your money within a couple days – sometimes the same day.

Here’s all we need to get the ball rolling on your business loan application:

  • 6 months of bank statements

Based on this info, we will then provide you with a range of business loan options. If you decide to proceed, we will also need:

  • Copy of your lease
  • Void cheque & photo ID

3 easy ways to apply

Take less than 2 minutes to complete

We’ll email an application form to you

We can also take your application over the phone

We've got real people standing by to listen and answer your questions.

Ready to Get Started?

Sorry, no startups - must be open at least 6 months

Click here if your business has been open less than 6 months

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