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Benefits of a Term Loan:

  • Over 90% approved
  • Simple application process
  • Fast service – get funded in 1-2 days

Easy to qualify:

  • you’ve been open for at least 6 months
  • you have sales of at least $5,000 per month

A new approach to traditional small business loans. Our revenue based financing looks at the sales history of your business; not just your personal credit score. This allows us to have a much higher approval rate and a much faster process.

We approve over 90% of the applicants for our small business loans – most of them in 1-2 days.

Low daily or weekly micropayments make it easier on your cash flow. There’s no big, lump-sum payment at the end of the month; just a small, fixed, daily or weekly amount that is automatically debited from your account.

Terms are anywhere between 3 – 18 months. You decide what’s best for your business.

Rates vary based on your business, but here’s an example on a 6 month contract:

Loan Amount  $10,000
Total Cost $1,397
Daily Payment  $63.32

3 easy ways to apply

Take less than 2 minutes to complete

We’ll email an application form to you

We can also take your application over the phone

We've got real people standing by to listen and answer your questions.

Ready to Get Started?

Sorry, no startups - must be open at least 6 months

Click here if your business has been open less than 6 months

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