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Very friendly and professional …

As a new small business, sometimes you run into a cash flow problem. If your bank is not flexible enough, a merchant cash advance from Company Capital is a great alternative! They are easy to work with and very friendly and professional – can definitely recommend this company!!

Work with you to find the right plan …

The team at Company Capital has been amazing at supporting my small business needs.  Cash flow can be a challenge and they always come through to find a solution to meet your needs.  They are flexible and friendly and work with you to find the right plan.  I have recommended them to other friends in the industry who have had the same success in working with them

Secure way of getting cash …

I have used Company Capital several times for different reasons. It is a very easy, fast, and secure way of getting the cash flow I require to keep my business going during cash crunch times. Their response time is very quick and efficient. Never do they leave you hanging. There are many companies out there but Company Capital works along side of my processing company and there is no extra paperwork to be completed. I would use this company over and over again.

Really flexible …

We use Company Capital a few times every year to buy inventory. The process is really easy and fast – we usually get our cash within 24 hours. It’s also really flexible – they actually work with you to decide the rates and terms that suit your business.

Fast and efficient at a reasonable cost …

Company Capital has been a large part of the continued success of our business. Often the process required in obtaining additional bank financing can take months. Company Capital allows us fast and efficient access to funds at a reasonable cost.  This allows access to funds in a timely manner and allows us to continue to grow and operate our business without interruption from the traditional borrowing process.

Their process is fast …

Company Capital is a lifesaver to any company looking for an injection of cash to help you through a rough patch or for new projects that you might want to tackle.  Their rates are reasonable and their process is fast, providing you with money usually within 48 hours.  The best part is their payment plan – you pay back a percentage daily which fluctuates with your sales.  If you have a slow day, you pay less.  I would recommend them to anyone.

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