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Get a short term business loan to pay your taxes

For most small businesses in Canada, April 30th can be a major strain on cash flow. Both GST/HST and income taxes are due. Adding to the cash flow headache is the fact most small businesses are trying to ramp up…

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Small Business Loans through Crowdfunding

There are a lot of alternatives to the bank these days for small businesses to access money to grow their business. AltFi or Alternative Financing has exploded in the past 5 years and one option is referred to as Crowdfunding.…

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On-line small business loans are easy

Another great article featuring Company Capital and some of our happy clients. Vancouver Sun reporter Jenny Lee wrote the article that profiled Sara Mosherchak the owner of Eyeland Framemakers in Vancouver and Talia Erickson the owner of Buddings Daycare, also…

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Why so many businesses are turning to on line small business loans

  A report out of the US says one in five small businesses are turning to non-bank alternative lenders for their financing needs. And former Small Business Administration head Karen Mills (now a senior fellow at Harvard Business School) reports…

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The 5 Cs to Securing a Small Business Loan

Year after year and survey after survey, small business owners list access to funding as the most challenging part of growing their business. To improve your chances of getting financing here’s what every lender looks at: Character Simply put, this…

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